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Use the following email address to apply your donation:


The Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation has received 501(3) tax exempt status from the IRS and all donations are tax deductible.  Our shelter is in great need of your support!  We get no public funding and have to rely on individuals like you to help us out!  Please be as generous as you can so we can continue to save the animals!  Donations are used strictly for the medical care and treatment of the animals and with the rising costs of vet care, we need your help!  Cost of monthly heartworm prevention alone exceeds $600 a month! It takes twice that amount to feed the dogs!   We appreciate all the help we can get in order to give these animals a future they deserve!  We accept cash or check and you can also donate online by credit card using and the email address  Thank you for your supportPlease donate today!!

Our shelter is maintained through the generosity of rescue volunteers, cooperative veterinarians,  and donations of all shapes and sizes.  All donations are tax deductible, and we will send a receipt upon request.

Many things are needed to care for these K9 companions, from money, food and medical attention, to shelters, play toys, and bathing supplies. 

To make a monetary donation, please mail a check or money order to this address:

Las Lomas K9 Rescue
PO Box 494
Floresville TX  78114


Want to adopt but can't?  Wish you could foster but don't have the room?  Why not sponsor a dog!

Sponsoring a dog can make a huge difference!  

$25 will cover one microchip

$30 helps feed a dog

$50 will buy one box of frontline

$65 will buy a two week supply of antibiotics

$75 will cover shots and an annual exam for one dog

$80 will buy one new large crate

$85 will cover heartworm prevention for one dog for a year

$150 will pay for routine annual care for 1 dog

$165 will cover one neuter for a medium size dog

$175 will cover one spay for a medium size dog

$275 will pay for one heartworm treatment for a small to medium size dog

$325 will cover a dental and blood work for one medium size dog

$425 will pay for one heartworm treatment for a large size dog


For more information on sponsoring a dog, please contact us and let us know which dog you would like to sponsor!  Thank you for your generosity in helping the dogs!

To our supporters!  Did you know that you could be generating donations for the Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation, just by shopping online for the things you need - including gifts!  Each new supporter who joins and makes a single purchase within 45 days of joining receives an extra $5 donation for our  shelter! There is no minimum to buy, and over 680 name-brand online stores to choose from!  Please visit today and support our shelter!  Thank you!!!

To donate:  use the  PAYPAL website, simply register for free and apply your donation to the following address:  

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You can also support us through a project we have on Global Giving, we were fortunate enough to be able to obtain a permanent spot on their website thanks to our supporters!!  Please check us out here!

Or you can copy and paste this link in your browser:


Visit, enter Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation as your charity, click verify, and search!  

Each and every person can make a difference in the life of an animal.  Adopt a K9 friend for life!


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